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Category — Photoshop Filters

REVIEW: Plaid Lite – Magic or Art

You gotta love this… Instant Plaids!

A while back I got the bright idea to create a collection of digital designs with Plaid as the theme.  The problem was, I was clueless as to how to make this happen.

After a bit of research and help from colleagues I was off and running to explore the list of websites I had been presented with.

The very first website I visited and the one I kept coming back to was:

Plaid Lite – by NameSuppressed Design

“Plaid Lite” has the flexiblity and good sense to allow one to create their own unique plaid patterns using almost any image that is inserted into the filter.  The results are phenominal and limited only by ones own imagination and/or images used.

From the website Plaid Lite’s features include:

[

March 5, 2006   Comments Off on REVIEW: Plaid Lite – Magic or Art