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What’s Up With Roz?

It’s been a while since I posted at  I do not review as much as I used to as my time and focus has turned to my own creative projects.  However, I still have my hands in once in a while.  Those who know me, know I am hardly ever at a loss for words and have many “Views” on many things.

My dirty little Summer Secret was the CBS reality show Big Brother 8.  I can’t even believe I am saying this as I NEVER in the eight years it has been on TV gotten this involved.  But the Donatos — Evel Dick Donato and his daughter Daniele — captured my heart.  Long story short… they are father and daughter and had not spoken for two years.  It was a Big Brother twist to have them in the house together and see where it led.  It lead to a fabulous reunion with both of them winding up as the “last two standing!”  Evel Dick won the grand prize of half a million dollars with Daniele coming in second with $50,000.  But they both shared the biggest prize of all… the reconciliation of a father and daughter!

EVEL DICK UPDATE:  It did not stop there… Evel Dick Donato (he’s really a love) won two awards at the Fox Reality Show Awards viewed on the Fox Reality Station – Saturday, October 13, 2007.  As well… Evel Dick (not so evel/evil) as he is the VERY FIRST Big Brother winner who cares enough about his fans to keep them updated on his website!

I will admit I do not think I will ever get that involved in anything as it was terribly draining. Imagine getting so emotionally involved with people one does not even know!  For me… I think my own life experiences got in the way and I wanted the two of them to make up before it was too late. The only regrets I have with my own parents who are now long gone is that it could have been so much better, but it was their choices and not mine.  That does not make it any easier.  It is a subject I have come to terms with and do not discuss often.  However, it made me a stronger person and more compassionate and empathetic toward others.  I truly believe it is why I am so wrapped up in my online communication site Say It With eCards.  It is all about the feelings!

Secondly I have spent the last year updating and upgrading my Judaic eCards Club Say It With eCards. The site does not even look like a distant relation to his predecessor Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greeting Club.

Say It With eCards has a new — more professional — look, a new name and the new hi-tech ember features and benefits the big guys offer.  I am so proud and was so inspired — still am —  that I designed almost non-stop and Say It With eCards offers more than 3,400 Judaic eCards — the largest assortment of Judaic eCards on the entire web.

Let us not forget “my health scare” 1 1/2 years ago when I almost lost the sight in my right eye from a sudden retina detachment.  After about 10 days of running back and forth to the doctors and things progressing for the worse instead of better I had outpatient surgery by a fabulous retina specialist in the Bronx, NY – Dr. David Haft.

With God’s favor and guidance over my doctor’s skillful hands my eyesight was restored and I am here typing with clear vision.  It is a miracle at best!  The biggest miracle aside from my eyesight being restored was that during my convalescence I was able to start work on the new eCard Say It With eCards.  That in itself was a challenge, but the doctor assured me it would not hurt me as long as I felt well enough to do it! It was not always easy, but it was a better diversion than wringing my hands wondering when I would see again!  Let me tell you, it made me lots more compassionate and sensitive to those who have vision problems.  By the grace of God mine were only temporary! However, I was told… because I had a torn retina in one eye the chances of it happening in the other eye were increased dramatically! 

Saturday was so productive that I am still wired at 5:50AM EST on Sunday morning.  Not good!  Well, I am off to rest for a while.  I am not sure about sleep, so I will settle for resting!

See you again VERY soon!


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