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IDT Fraudulent 99 Cents Paperless Charge… CHECK YOUR IDT BILLS


Please let everyone you know, know about this. 

I have been using IDT ( for a few years now for unlimited
long distance phone service.

I just became aware that they have been charging me .99¢ (99
cents) EACH month for the past five months for a *paper charge!*
According to them it is because I receive a *paper phone bill!*
(snail mail)

They went on to tell me that *I COULD* have the CHARGE REMOVED

So they have not only been charging me for their service, which I
am happy to pay for, but they are also charging me for the
*privilege to bill me!*

I am posting this in case any of you are or know anyone who is
using for their phone providers.

As well, you might want to look at your other bills to see if you
are receiving a *paper charge!*

I saw this on Channel 2 one night a long while back. At the time
MY provider was not charging it.

Imagine how many millions they are receiving by charging ALL
their customers 99 cents EACH month. It is NOT just about me.

In the end they refused to take the entire charge of $4.95 off.
After I said I was going to let everyone know and contact Channel
2, the guy agreed to take off a whopping $2.00.

I plan to post this every place I can. I am more than a little

Have a good weekend.


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