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Roz Views: Promotion Content – Nine Miles Long!

Is it me or what… I choose not to reference anyone’s web site here for two reasons:

  • One, not to be critical
  • Second, not to give them extra promotion

It never ceases to amaze me why when people make a presentation for a new product or offer they have to do it on literally 10 computer screens or more. I kid you not!

Generally… By the time I get through the second screen I am squirming in my seat and am ready for the punch line. I usually scroll to the bottom of the page.  When I “still cannot” find the price I just wind up leaving frustrated and without spending a dime.  I can’t figure out why people do this, and it IS done quite often.  Maybe it really IS me, but I do not think so.  Don’t they realize how valuable people’s time is?

In my opinion I think they go on and on like this in the hopes of pulling the reader in with the story.  For me it just makes me nervous and wanting to escape.  Either I am interested in their product or not, I do not need all the extra fluff to make up my mind.

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