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Roz Says: Dana Reeve… A few words!

I just turned on the TV and caught the headline for the upcoming 12 Noon News Broadcast.  Although I did not know Dana Reeve personally, it is not hard to feel the sadness and loss many feel today. 

Christopher (Chris) and Dana Reeve made a huge impact on the world today and hopefully for many years to come.  Chris with his courage and dedication to demonstrate – NOT TO GIVE UP and Dana for her dedication, support and motivation in support of her husand and family. 

Although both made tremendous contributions to the world, what I take away from this is “to fight for what you want no matter what obstacles may stand in your way,” and “to count your blessings daily!”  Obviously most of us do not have the obtacles these two faced so we have much less to really complain about.  IF we are relatively healthy, articulate and can walk, talk and be creative we have it all!  This goes to show you “money is NOT the end all, or be all!” (I think I will take a few extra monents today to Thank G_d for my blessing!)

Two young and vibrant people… We will miss them both!  May they be together, once again… in Heaven!

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