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Roz Views – Attitude of Gratitude…

I’ve come a really long way since I started “living a life of gratitude” instead of regret and bitterness at what I did not have or missed in my life.

A small example:  Last night I went to the variety drug store.  An item I wanted had been out of stock the day before (while being on sale).  I was given a raincheck and told to come back the next day as there was a possibility it would be in. 

Being out for my daily walk I decided to stop in to have a look.  Lo and behold – after searching all over – behind some other boxes there was “my item!” 

BEFORE:  I would have said: “They ONLY HAD ONE!”

NOW:  I said:  “One is better than none!”

I bought my product, continued my walk and went home grateful I had at least one.  (AND… I still had my raincheck to come back for more when they were in stock!)

It’s such a small thing/example, but I felt I wanted to share it.  It is significant to the way I live my life today.  A much happier and contented life – AND… more productive too!

SIDE NOTE:  IF I learned nothing else from Tony Robbins, the one thing I will always remember is:  YOUR PAST IS NOT YOUR FUTURE!  That one statement freed me from the baggage I lugged around for almost 60 years!  I have since learned to draw on my past to make things better for others through my eCard designs.

Remember… Be good to yourself!  YOU deserve it!

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