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Roz Views: Eric Lofholm – Everything Counts…

I wanted to write this “In-the-moment” when I was feeling the momentum of it.

I have been a participant in Eric Lofholm’s “Sales Protege Program” for over two years now.  Eric is a Master Sales Trainer who – for sure – knows his business.

I met Eric on a Shared Vision Network call and was drown to him because he reminded me of Tony Robbins.  Little did I know that Eric worked for Tony earlier in his career.

Anyway… Like Tony, Eric shared a concept in one of the Sales Protege – Thursday evening - calls where he said: “Everything Counts!”  I had heard Eric say this on all the calls, but this time he told a story about a “tea cup!”  The example was so powerful to me that everyday since I can hear him whispering in my ear:  “Roz, Everything Counts!”  This short statement has made me take action everyday since that call back in December.

Things I would not have done because they seemed so small and insignificant in the scheme of things I am now doing and “one thing builds on another!”  So in the end they are not small and insignificant, but huge and eventually monumental. (While you may think:  “What’s so great about this?  It IS great, because anything that will induce you to take action IS monumental!”)

What I find so powerful about Eric is he does NOT talk at you… like Tony Robbins, he talks to you and makes you feel like YOU CAN do it… so much so… that YOU BELIEVE it as well!

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM ROZ:  I find I no longer beat myself up for “not doing enough! … After all, EVERYTHING COUNTS!

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