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Roz View: Easy Thumbnails – for On-The-Fly Easy Thumbnail Creation

While the reason why I found Easy Thumbnails from Fookes Software was not a happy one, using it is making my life a joy and turning over 1400 of my cloudy thumbnails crisp, clear and sparking.

IMPORTANT NOTE — Did I say it was COMPLETELY FREE!  NO nags, NO advertisements, NOTHING but an excellent little program jammed packed with an enormous amount of thumbnail creation features and much, much more.  It comes with its own viewer so it is the ONLY program needed for the job, UNLESS you need to make changes or enhancements to the images themselves.

NEGATIVE — It does not accommodate PSD (Photoshop native format)

In my case the images were already in JPG format and I needed to create thumbnails with a certain naming format.  Easy Thumbnails provided features to do this all in “one-step?”

The software is great for the novice as well as the seasoned professional and does not have much of a learning curve. All the features are named with self-explanatory names, however, you might want to either make some tests for yourself or have a quick look at the PDF manual that can be downloaded at the link below.  I looked at a set of instructions and the manual AFTER the fact!

— Quoted From Their Website —

Easy Thumbnails is a popular free utility for creating accurate
thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of
popular picture formats. An elegant interface makes it a snap to
find your images and select them for processing individually, in
groups, or in whole folders, using a simple file selector and
built-in image viewer. You can use slider controls to rotate
images and adjust their contrast, brightness, sharpness and
quality, and check out the results with the built-in viewer.

Key Features:

  • Scale images up or down in batches
  • Eleven resampling filters, including Lanczos3
  • Sharpen soft images from digital cameras
  • Real-time preview of target image
  • Supports the new JPEG 2000 image format
  • Preserves EXIF data in JPEG images
  • Supports lossless JPEG rotation
  • Free software producing quality results 

— End Quote from their site —

Go here….

  • for a more comprehensive look at Easy Thumbnails
  • download your FREE copy
  • download the PDF manual

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