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Roz Views: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – After the Storm

Tonight was the first of four one-hour episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – “After the Storm: Mississippi!” 

The team visited Biloxi to see how they could help start the rebuilding and healing process.  On first exploration of the area you could visibly see how touched they were by what they saw.  Just thinking of one’s home and possessions — and worst yet family members and friends — being wiped away in a moment’s time is one thing, but seeing it first hand it quite another.  (On a personal note I remember how I felt being trapped in Manhattan on 911 and each time I watched the Twin Towers fall on TV day after day… family members, friends and colleagues looking for their lost!  Almost five years later it is still very real to me!)

As they continued to trudge through the mess you could see how touched they were, so much so that tears became the norm.  Watching from the comfort and warmth of my own home I had a box of tissues close by while silently counting my blessings.  One realizes how minor their challenges are compared to what these people have experienced and are living with on a minute to minute basis.  They interviewed one lady who said it took her thirty odd years to pay for her home — herself — and as soon as she was finished the hurricane came and wiped it away!

The team visited a free medical clinic that had been completely destroyed as well.  The doctor and medical staff took up residence in a double trailer, thus working in minimally spaced quarters.

THE TEAM BUILT… a new local free medical clinic.  In this case, when they say free it IS free.  They told how they NEVER turn anyone away just because they have no money to pay.  Certainly not something I have found here in NYC as I lose my health insurance.

They also visited a wonderful gentleman who lost his entire family in the hurricane.  He told how they were all huddled together on an upper floor of his mother-in-laws home — where they thought they would be safe — when the hurricane hit and the entire house was wiped away.  His entire family excluding himself were lost in an instant.

THE TEAM BUILT… a fabulous memorial honoring the victims of Katrina where people could visit and pay tribute. 

Even through all the devastation, the deep emotions, compassion, generosity and yes love shown through.  One could feel the togetherness of the community.  I can only hope that other areas of devastation are getting the same attention. 

What we have experienced in the last few years here in the United States makes one realize what is really important in life.  I know I count my blessings daily and as they come in! I find life is much happier that way. 

Episode two airs… Thursday, March 30 at 8PM.  Check it out.

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