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Roz Says: Turning the Clocks Ahead… turned my head!

Well, it’s 5:13AM and I am still here…  I know, I know, I said I was going to catch a few hours sleep, but I could not resist checking to see when we change the clocks.  That is my most favorite time of year as it feels like we are being given the “gift of more time!” The days have already started getting longer, but when the clocks are pushed forward they get longer bigtime!

I found this great site at: 
that provides history on switching the clocks and dates to do it.  It says… Starting in 2007 there will be an extra month before the clocks are pushed back again, thus giving us an extra month of longer days!

This year, in most of the United States we turn the clocks AHEAD on the first Sunday of April.  This year that falls on April 2, 2006.  Now that I know when, I’ll literally be counting the days!

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